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The IWM-PL4 is suitable for remote reading applications in commercial and industrial sectors, acting as an electronic pulse-emitter.
It allows the acquisition of the consumption of the counter by third-party systems with a universal interface and integrating advanced counting functions and fraud detections. The use of an inductive target at the counter excludes the possibility of magnetic fraud and makes the application insensitive to the pipes vibrations.
The IWM-PL4 is compatible with all the pre-equipped Woltmann meters and allows:
• Consumption analysis (with incremental and decremental counting), Reverse flow compensation can be activated for an always perfect alignment between the counter and counter clock.
• Checking frauds (cable cut and removal, application of external magnetic field, reverse flow). The presence of reverse flow can be monitored with a dedicated impulse contact.
• Dedicated dosing function available for industrial applications.
• IP68 protection* allows the use of the module also for meters installed in harsh environments.
• NFC interface allows high flexibility of configuration, allowing setting of the output pulse ratio in total autonomy through smartphone app (available ratio values: multiples of the index value), and being able to configure the duration of the output pulse according to the sensitivity of the acquisition system.


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