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The LULT50 ultrasonic level sensor are compact measurement devices containing an ultrasonic transmitter and an electronic module. Using an transmitter, level sensor transmit the series of ultrasonic pulses that spread towards the level surface. The transmitter receives reflected acoustic waves that are subsequently processed in the electronic module. Based on the period during which the individual pulses spread towards the level and back, this period is averaged by the electronics that performs temperature compensation and subsequently a conversion to an output. The output of the ULS sensor consists of a PNP transistor with an open collector or a two-state current switch 4 mA / 20 mA.

• Variants of level sensor with adjustment by two buttons, or by magnetic pen
• State indication by two LEDs
• Wide choice of electric connection via connectors, cable glands or protective conductor
• Reception of reflected ultrasonic signal from level can be improved using horn adapter
• For limit level measurement of liquids (even if polluted), mash and paste materials

• Tanks, Closed vessels, waste water, sludge, suspensions
• Pipes, open channels
• Sumps, drains, adhesives, resins
• Chemical industry


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